Dr Mills takes some measurements




Almost there

George welcoming the crowd, and what a crowd.

The scene is set and looks rather magnificent

Kimberley and David lay the wreath on behalf of the society

A job well done

Baby David's first and hopefully not his last Wallace Day

Motherhood obviously agree with her

Fiona Hyslop pays her respects

Flag bearers could probably smile a bit more

Nick Brand

Fiona Hyslop

Got the audience in the palm of her hand

Great crowd

Gary Stewart

Hard to compete when your this cute but the wean did his best!!

Young Abbey Stewart

Mhairi Black

The incomparable Ted Christopher

Beards at the ready boys!!

A very proud moment for George Kempik

This sums up Wallace day

Richard and Faither

Fiery Jack, great to see them back!!

Annoying the band!!

That lemonade must be strong!!

The Tartan Teds

Clan an Drumma

Gie'n it laldy!!

Oh dear !!

Chris & Irene, where's Boaby!!

Max & Paddy

Fun times!!

Nearly finished cause it's pointy time!!

The perks of being on the committee!!