In common with most societies, we maintain an assets register. Mostly, this is pretty dull - including two marquees, several folding tables, a bunch of chairs, etcetera, etcetera (we do have an exact record, but I don't maintain it!). But there are also a few more interesting items amongst them; some of which are out regularly on display at the annual events, and some of which are a bit too delicate to be put out in public too often. It has been decided to post information about some of these, so that Society members and the general public can see what is held by the Society of William Wallace. This will be an ongoing project, with no time scale for its conclusion.

The first items are probably the two best-known of all the Society's pieces - the Wallace Sword replicas, shown here with our former Convenor Duncan. These are generally on display at every event we attend, and are among the most popular with the public. It would appear that everyone loves a big sword - or two!

A lot more information on the swords is available here

The David R Ross Memorial Quaich

The idea of the "The David R Ross Memorial Quaich" came from long-term Society members Irene and Paul Clark in 2010, with the notion of presenting it to a member who, in the eyes of the committee, had made an outstanding contribution in the year just past. It is presented by the Society Convenor on Wallace Day to the designated recipient, who is usually unaware of having been considered for the honour.

More information on the Quaich is available here

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The Society of William Wallace is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registration number SC045959