We have a lot to thank David for, he's pretty much responsible for the society that we know in its present form today, with a few tweaks from others we hasten to add. His passing was a heavy blow for the society to take, but we've grown and followed very much in his footsteps.
Gary was the first recipient of our David R Ross Memorial Quaich, created in honour of our dear friend, to say Gary was taken aback is an understatement, Gary worked tirelessly behind the scenes to finish off what David had started in bringing the Wallace safe conduct letter home to Scotland.
Andy is one of life's good guys, eager to help and an asset to the Society. Andy won the award for a lot of things, but mainly the fantastic job he did of looking after the Wallace Monument at Robroyston, Glasgow, and look after it he did. He landscaped the area, fixed the bollards in front of the monument to prevent people parking there, put in benches, flower pots, plants and generally made the place a wee haven for visitors to have a seat and collect their thoughts on Wallace, unfortunately it's an uphill battle keeping the site pristine as it's a constant target for vandalism, but with guys like Andy on the team the fight continues.
George is our Webmaster, Treasurer & official photographer, a jack of all trades but a master of none but he does his best bless him. It's rumoured but not confirmed that George won the David R Ross quaich just to shut him up, but seriously George along with the team do some sterling work behind the scenes that no one knows about and it's that factor that makes the society what it is.
Duncan took on the almighty task of guiding the society through some stormy seas after David's passing and what a job he did. We knew he didn't want to do it but what a job he did, he always just shrugged off his acheivements but secretly I think he was proud of his leadership, his team and where the society was going. Duncan shared the David R Ross award with George in our centenary year and a special wooden quaich was commisioned to give to Duncan to show him how much we appreciated his hard work and dedication behind the scenes, sadly we lost Duncan in 2014, we miss you mate...
Lachlan was one of our larger than life and best loved members, wheelchair bound but that didn't stop him attending events, no matter where it was you'd see Lachlan and his customised wheelchair and usually a suitable t-shirt to mark the occasion, Lachlan sadly died before we could present him with the award, events are never the same without the "hair in the chair" RIP Brother.

What can you say about Ted? When David walked for Wallace in 2005 he asked Ted to write him a song, I cannae do that said Ted, but he did, the wonderful 'I'm Coming Home'. When the Dunblane tragedy happened, Ted along with a few others raised substantial amounts of money and publicised the frailties of gun laws not just here but the world over by releasing a special version of 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' by Bob Dylan, Bob even allowed Ted to change the words of the song, first time ever that Bob's done that. It reached number one in several countries, for that alone he ensured that he'd be remembered as "Better than Elvis". But in 2014, the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, when Stirling council tragically cancelled the homecoming week of events planned due to lack of funds, Ted decided to do it himself - with a march from Stirling Castle to Bannockburn followed by a week of music and cultural events. A deserving winner of this years award, well done to a wonderful man and a lifelong friend of the society.


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The Society of William Wallace is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registration number SC045959