Election Procedure


This policy governs the conduct at elections and shall be made available on the Society website for scrutiny. A copy is to be sent to all candidates on successful nomination. It may be changed from time to time by the committee or by the members approving such a resolution at a general meeting under the rules of the Society.

Election Control
1. The election process will be undertaken by the Secretary of the Society. The count shall be conducted under a simple majority system.

2. Decisions made by the Secretary under this procedure may be appealed using the complaints procedure.

1.1 Any member may nominate themselves for election to the Society committee and put themselves forward to be a trustee of the Society.

1.2 Nomination forms will be available from the Secretary and from the Society website. Nomination forms must be received by the Secretary at least one week before the AGM.

1.3 Members putting themselves forward must be eligible under the Society’s constitution. See constitution Paragraph 57.

1.4 The Society may investigate nominations to verify their validity. Any candidate submitting a fraudulent nomination, or the candidate is found to be ineligible, will be excluded from the election.

1.5 Each nominee must have a proposer and seconder who are current members of the Society.

1.6 If the total number of nominations is greater than the number of vacancies, elections will be arranged as required at the AGM.

1.7 If an election is required, the names of those seeking election will be issued along with notice of the AGM. Please see Paragraph 40 in the Constitution regarding process for attending the AGM.

1.8 Those members seeking election should make themselves available in person or via video link on the evening of the AGM.

1.9 Each member, present in person or via video link at the AGM, will be entitled to vote for up to as many candidates as there are vacancies. The person with the highest number of votes will be elected. Please see Paragraphs 44 and 48 in the Constitution for details and process.

2.0 In the event of an election a ballot paper will be made available for members present to vote in confidence. The papers will be counted at the meeting and the results announced. Please see Paragraph 49 in the Constitution for details and process.

2.1 Elected members will take office from the AGM.

2.2 Each elected member must agree to abide by the constitution of the Society and its rules.

2.3 A charity trustee retiring at an AGM will be deemed to have been re-elected unless:

2.3.1 An election process was held at the AGM and he/she was not among those elected/re-elected through that process, or:

2.3.2 A resolution for the re-election of that charity trustee was put to the AGM and was not carried.


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The Society of William Wallace is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registration number SC045959