On the 25th June 2011, members of the Society of Willam Wallace, the Knights Templar, Na Fir Dileas, SRSM, Siol nan Gaidheal & the Strathleven Artizans, began the march from the 1314 Inn to the Bannockburn Rotunda. Unfortunately, an impatient car driver tried to drive right through the marchers, causing everyone to take evasive action.  Luckily, no one was injured, but police are investigating the incident.

At the rotunda, Gerry Cairns, of the SRSM, opened proceedings by welcoming everyone & explaining why we were there. First speaker of the day was Duncan Fenton of the Society of William Wallace, who delivered a speech about the sacrifices made by those who fought & died that day in 1314, & why we must continue to strive for our freedom. Marti Morrison from Na Fir Dileas was next.  He also stressed the importance of this commemoration, & why we must keep trying to achieve our independence to honour those who died trying. Next up was Gary Stewart of the Society of William Wallace, who reminded everyone that this was the second year that the late Davie Ross was sadly missed at this event.  He praised all those who had given their all before us. Gerry then asked anyone if they would like to come up  & say a few words.  A lady, (sorry I didn’t get your name), stepped up to the mic & just said what was in her heart, experiencing the emotion of the day.

The various groups then laid floral tributes, the Society’s wreath being laid by Irene Clarke.  A minute’s silence was then observed on behalf of the fallen, then a piper from Na Fir Dileas led the participants from the field. As always, it was an emotionally-charged day.



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