The weather was slightly overcast but warm and fairly bright as we assembled for a 1pm commencement of the annual commemoration at the Rotunda. Apart from Ted getting a request to move the PA a bit further round, there was no indication of any problem with us from the NTS, whom we had already spoken to and presented our Liability Insurance documents to. A respectable turn-out considering the march that was also taking place that day, and included quite a few tourists who were happy to spectate - and even participate, in the case of a couple of wee girls dancing madly to the music. The opening number "Scotland's Sons" from Ted was well received, as was his wee speech giving short details of the 2 day battle. Ken Shirra from the Templars then made a short speech, and gave the battlefield blessing. A minute's silence was fairly well observed (with just a couple of kids and dogs not quite getting the hang of it). The piper played, wreaths were laid, and then Graham Brown and one of his band gave us a song, "Watch Us Rise". Ted closed the commemoration with a mass rendition of "Scots Wha Hae". Then everyone dispersed in various directions, with quite a few ending up in the Tartan Arms as always. A good day out, decent contact made with the new management at the Centre, and a fine respectful commemoration in decent weather.

Nick Brand

Ted opens with "Scotland's Sons"
Ted relives the battle for the assembled throng
The crowd appreciates Ted's battle synopsis
Ken Shirra of the Knights Templar makes a speech
Ken gives the battlefield blessing
A crowd shot
The piper plays
The piper
The wreaths
Graham Brown and friend play
Graham Brown and friend play
Graham Brown and friend play
Some of the crowd
Some more of the crowd
Ted sees us out with a chorus of 'Scots Wha Hae'
Another crowd shot
Jamie Temperley as a medieval foot soldier
Grateful thanks to Alan Allison, Michael Balahura, Paul Egan, Nelson Kerr and Tam Reilly for the photos

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