Wallace Oak Day, Hunterston Castle 12th May 2024

This is now on the way to becoming an annual event, next year it is proposed to be on a slightly larger scale so look out for the announcement nearer the time. Slight logistical problems this year led to only 3 members of the Society being available, and without some of the marquees and banners, but we made do with help from Clan Hunter and Martin Beers. The Strathleven Artisans and Larg Vikings also brought personnel, weapons and equipment, and a fun day was had by all. Neil was in the Castle as part of the tour guide contingent, Gordon was in full battle dress, along with members of the Artisans, and Nick explained the use of, and demonstrated the collection of early medieval weapons brought along. A steady stream of visitors toured the Castle and exhibits, and the weather (mostly) behaved right up to 4pm, when the expected thunder and lightning storm arrived a little ahead of schedule, resulting in a mass of people rushing to get everything taken down and under shelter whilst getting somewhat damp in the process. Many thanks to all those who came along, whether guests or participants.

Main Keep, Hunterston Castle
Jinty and Gordon with the Oak
Nick with the medieval weapons
Duncan and the Strathleven Artisans table
Largs Vikings table
A dangerous trio
The guys in their finery
In front of the keep
Madame Pauline and Neil in the Oak Chamber
Thanks to Jinty for most of the photos

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