Lachlan's Fundraiser 2013

This was a night to remember rather than mourn Lachlan's passing, and remember him we did, and with a certain amount of style.

There will be a full report coming in the New Year but we felt it was important to let everyone know that over £2000 was raised for the cause which was a magnificent achievement, well done everyone especially Carey Sinclair who worked tirelessly behind the scenes organising this worthwhile event.
George was very proud to say a few words about Lachlan on behalf of the Society
Carey presents Amber with Lachlan's cake
Scotia, part of the road crew
Remembering our friend
George & Brian up to no good
George from Fiery Jack, despite being unwell, played a blinder
Enjoying a beer
The wonderful Fiery Jack
A new dance perhaps
A night for people of all ages
Big Rab always available for a cuddle
White Rose were their usual awesome selves
Singing their wee hearts oot
Brave girl, all in a great cause though
Freedom's Flame belting it oot
George & Susan with the infamous ten inch cock
Earlier this year I was honoured to be asked by Amber to say a few words at Lachlan’s funeral, tonight I am equally as honoured to say a few words as we celebrate the life and times of our friend Lachlan McCann.

As Treasurer of the Society of William Wallace I find it truly remarkable that as we’ve all gone along our wee journey through life attending commemorations and celebrating Scotland’s culture and history how we have all become like a wee family.

Of course like a family there is always good and bad, you might not necessarily like yer Uncle Boaby but you wouldn’t want any harm to come to him!!We all celebrate the good times together but we also feel the pain when something bad happens to one of our own.

This year we suffered one of the worst things that can happen to a family. The passing of our friend seemed both untimely and so very unfair, but as families do, we rallied round and have hopefully been of some support and comfort to Amber and the girls.

In situations like this it’s never easy knowing what to do or say for the best!All we can try and do is be there if and when we’re needed.Lachlan is sorely missed.

A man who had a sweetness and a quality about him, made it impossible not to love and admire him. Plenty of us did, it was hard not to.

Those of us here tonight who knew him can honestly say with hand on heart that all the warmth, charm and that openhearted quality that we all loved in Lachlan was no act.

Tonight we remember him for all he was and mourn the loss of all he could have been.

To everyone that knew and loved Lachlan please know that this gifted and wonderful human being was worthy of your affection, and if you were lucky enough to know him as I did and witness first hand his wonderfully charming sense of humour, his natural instinct for inclusiveness, and his unbridled sense of generosity day in and day out I promise you, you’d have loved him even more.

At Lachlan’s funeral I mentioned that the last time I paid him a wee visit I showed him something that had him chuckling merrily but that it was definitely a story for another day, well guess what Guys, this is another day…..Amber invited a few of us over from the society to spend a wee afternoon blethering about the future and Lachlan’s illness.

Despite the knowledge of his situation, the conversation was upbeat, we didn’t avoid it but it was testament to Amber and Lachlan that we could talk candidly and share a few laughs.As always I had my camera with me and was taking wee candid snaps, especially of Murron as it was the first time I’d met her.

As we all blethered, and being the perfectionist that I am I was trying to get the best shot by leaning to one side on my chair when the bloody thing collapsed on me.

Given my embarrassment and the shock of my one man demolition job on the McCann furniture I wondered what to do as I felt the impending reddy rushing to my face.

I needn’t have bothered though, all I could hear was Lachlan’s big belly laugh! I was immediately put at ease and he later sent me a message saying that it had made his day.

I wish I’d known as I could have smashed in a few of his windaes while I was there and made his whole week. 

Seizing the opportunity and to keep the laughter going I raced to my car and upon return I showed Lachlan and our assembled friends my ten inch cock, well this brought about more laughter, and that’s what will be my abiding memory of Lachlan McCann, when I showed him my ten inch cock…..he just laughed.

Now just in case I’ve went up in some of your estimations, here’s the ten inch cock I showed Lachlan that day.

I’m glad that made you laugh, cause that’s what tonight is all about, remembering Lachlan with a wee smile on our faces, thinking of all the good times we spent with him, and there were many.

Me, I’ll fondly remember all the times we stood shoulder to shoulder together at all the commemorations we attended as we honoured and paid tribute to all the brave Scotsmen and women who went before us answering their countries call when it came.

Lachlan is one of them now, and when we win our independence in 2014, I’ll tell you this, it’ll be in no small part, down to guys like Lachlan McCann who did their upmost to help us along that road and reclaim our freedom.

Ladies & Gentleman will you please rise and join me in a toast

Lachlan McCann!
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