Loudoun Hill 2018


Loudoun Hill was a bit quieter than usual this year due to the change of date, with the celebration day of the late Andrew Hillhouse's life being on the original date - and we could not miss Andy's day. The location is the battle site of two separate ambushes - one by Wallace and his men, and the other by Robert the Bruce, two victories in one place. You really can't ask for any more than that, although it was also the last event that our late Convenor Duncan Fenton attended, and Duncan was remembered in Gary's speech. Considering the weather we have had over the years we could not have asked for a better day and, although still windy due to where the monument is, it was a wonderful day.

Gordon Aitken opened the ceremony and with the date change, the Swords of Dalriada could not make it we so we started off with Ken Shirra, who gave a perfect description of the two battles, and then Charli Stewart of the Young Lions laid a wreath on behalf of the Society. Next it was down to Gary Stewart of the Society to give another interesting piece and a couple of personal things to get his point across which was met with laughter. After Gary’s speech it was left to Ken to say another few words, and then Gordon closed proceedings with 'Scots Wha Hae'.

Can’t wait for next year, and another tremendous effort by the Society and the Strathleven Artizans; and a wee mention to Brian McCutcheon for his hard work in organising the event.

See you all next year.

Opening speech and prayer from Ken Shirra
Ken Shirra
Charli laid the Society wreath
Society banner
Gary's speech
Gary's speech
Gary's speech
Gordon Aitken speaks
Gordon Aitken sings 'Scots Wha Hae'
One of the Artisans by the sculpture
The wreaths which were laid
Armed combatants
A special thank you to Michael Balahura for the photos

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