Loudoun Hill 2023


Arriving in the car park half an hour before the Loudoun Hill commemoration was due to start, I was surprised and happy to see that it was already half full. The patriots were gathering early to attend this double commemoration and it was a fine day for it. At a little after 1 p.m. Dougie Wilkinson of Clann an Drumma piped the procession down to the Spirit of Scotland sculpture with banners flying.

A decent crowd of patriots had assembled behind an enormous saltire spread on the grass in front of the sculpture. Gordon Aitken of the Society of William Wallace started the proceedings by welcoming everyone who had gathered. Gordon then introduced Lanark Town Crier Phylip De La Maziere, who had devised an Oath of Allegiance to Scotland. Phylip then took his oath, pledging his allegiance with his hand on a claymore held by Suncan Thomson (King Robert) of the Strathleven Artizans. Gordon then went on to say a few words about Loudoun Hill being a unique commemoration, as we were celebrating victories by Scotland's two greatest heroes, Wallace and Bruce. Next up to the microphone was historian Jean Brittan. Jean always delivers a fascinating and informative speech, and today's was no exception. She finished by saying that if Wallace and Bruce appeared in front of us, they would immediately recognise us as Scottish patriots of the modern day warrior class.

Floral tributes were then laid at the sculpture, followed by a lament played beautifully by Dougie. Duncan Thomson then took the the microphone and gave us his take on Robert the Bruce, and the importance of his victory here to cement his grip on the Scottish mainland just after his victory at Glen Trool. Gordon then brought the ceremony to a close with a rendition of "Scots Wha' Hae", and hoped that next year we would see the hillside covered with patriots and their families.

As a postscript, it was great to see Ken Schirra of the Scottish Knights Templar in attendance. Ken recently suffered a stroke, and it was good to see him there. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Gordon Aitken S.O.W.W.

Dougie the piper
The main party
Gordon starts the proceedings
Jean Brittan's speech
Laying the wreaths
Floral tributes laid
The floral tributes
Dougie plays the lament
Loudoun Hill
Duncan Thomson speaks
Gordon performs "Scots Wha' Hae"
Some of those gathered
A special thank you to Michael Balahura for the photos

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