This has always been one of the more intimate (i.e. less well attended) commemorations, and proved to be so again this year. Perhaps we're, as a Society, not advertising it well enough. Organised as usual by George Kempik, members arrived early and set up the banners and P.A. The weather was warm and sunny, and conducive to a pleasant atmosphere. Once the small crowd was gathered, George introduced himself to us all, gave a brief precis of the circumstances leading to the building of the monument, and opened proceedings by having the old saltire lowered. Once this was done, he brought Sam Speirs forward, to sing Hamish Henderson's "Freedom Come A' Ye". Then Society member Nick Brand gave a brief talk on the Walk for Wallace, which had commenced at this spot some 14 years previously. Storyteller Colin Williamson then spoke of Wallace and his continuing legacy, illustrated with some references to Blind Harry, and the relevance of Wallace to the present day. He was followed by local SNP Councillor Graham Campbell, who outlined the links between Jamaica and Scotland, not ignoring the fact that these were not all good, but that present day relations were much more cordial and likened them to the sentiments in Hamish Henderson's song, and their relevance to modern day Scotland. George then asked Society member Irene Clarke to raise the new saltire, a minute's silence was observed, and the piper played. Wreaths and flowers were then laid, Ross and Paul said a few words about what Wallace meant to them personally, and Sam Speirs played us out with an excellent rendition of "Scots Wha Hae". George Kempik then closed proceedings by thanking those who attended, and hoped to see us all again at Cambuskenneth or Wallace Day later this month.

George Kempik opens proceedings
Some of those in attendance
The old saltire is lowered
Sam Speirs sings the "Freedom Come A' Ye"
Nick talks about the Walk for Wallace
Colin Williamson talks of Wallace and his legacy
Local Councillor Graham Campbell addresses us
Irene raises the new saltire
Silence observed
The piper plays
Lorraine lays the Society wreath
Ross lays his tribute
Irene lays flowers
John lays a white rose
The floral tributes
Ross speaks on what Wallace means to him
Sam plays "Scots Wha Hae"
Singing along to "Scots Wha Hae"
As has been said before, on behalf of the Society of William Wallace we'd like to thank everyone who attended; to all our speakers, thank you for stepping up; and hope to see you all at Wallace Day.
Many thanks to Cha Halliday for the photos

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