This has always been one of the more intimate commemorations, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was among those cancelled for public safety. However, 3 members of the Society decided that it could not go unmarked, so George Kempik along with Mags and Cha Halliday, with appropriate distancing, laid the Society wreath and replaced the saltire which flies over the monument.

The Society wreath is laid
Wreath in situ
Renewing the saltire
All done

Hopefully we will be able to resume our normal commemoration next year, but at least Wallace's capture was remembered by the Society in a modified and dignified manner. A brief historical note: please remember that although the date on the Victorian monument states 5th August, most Scottish historians agree that in Joseph Stevenson's "Documents Illustrative of Sir William Wallace, His Life and Times" (1841), his capture is given as the eve of Saint Dominic's feast day, which if you Google you will get variously as the 4th, 7th and 8th. But the Handbook of Dates that Dr Fiona Watson and most other historians always use is explicit that it is the 4th, so in other words, Wallace was captured on the 3rd August.
Many thanks to Mags Halliday for the photos

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