This year’s commemoration was held on a windy dull Saturday the 1st of August 2009, the nearest Saturday to the 5th. A very healthy crowd gathered around the Robroyston Monument to reflect once again on the tragic loss of one of Scotland’s favourite sons.

Vice Convener of the Wallace Society Duncan Fenton led this years commemoration with a great speech, I've rarely heard Duncan in better form and the applause at the end said it all, Duncan spoke for us all this day.

We had a special guest with us this year, young Glen Wood who was so sickened by the state of the monument and the well here at Robroyston that he mounted his own personal protest. Duncan presented Glen with an honorary membership of The Society Of William Wallace, well done Glen - you deserve it.

Duncan introduced the next speaker who was David R. Ross, Convenor of the Society, David always seems to know how to tap into
the mood of the occasion and never fails to deliver some great stories of Wallace's life, this year was to be slightly different as David decided to sing us all a song and what a choice of song, I'm Coming Home was soon ringing out all around the monument and I'm sure Ted Christopher would have been very proud. Next to speak was my good self, and as luck would have it the weather showed signs of becoming quite miserable but it held and my speech wasn't a long one and I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words afterwards. Duncan wrapped things up and once again brought David out to lead us all in a rendition of Scots Wha Hae which finished the proceedings nicely, we then retired to a local hostelry for some lunch and reflect on the day.

William Wallace will forever live on in our hearts and minds.
Patriots gather at the monument
Duncan delivers a great speech
Glen receives his membership from Duncan
The monument
Duncan and Glen
David and Norrie
A great t-shirt
A very attentive crowd
David sings us a song
David saying it from the heart
Our youngest patriot
Young and old were out in force
My chance to say how I feel about Wallace
The lads standing on the weeds that have grown all over the monument
David leads us off with "Scots Wha Hae"
A day that hopefully Glen will remember for a very long time, well done Glen

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At these commemorations you get a chance to meet some really interesting and diverse characters, one such person was a lady called Helen Allan who told us she was a poet and was quite popular in America, she gave us a couple of poems for the site that she thought we might like, thanks Helen, they're great and we look forward to hearing much more of your poetry.

Sir William Wallace
A hero indeed was Sir William,
Who fought with fiery power.
He despised the English and proved it every hour.
His hatred was deep rooted due to the deaths of his family,
And he proved it truly by fighting valiantly.
His courage and strength were legendary
And plain for all to see.
Then at Stirling Bridge he won that famous victory,
Alas at Falkirk the Scottish Lords and their followers fled,
Whilst Wallaces faithful men for Scotland proudly bled.
Finally he was captured and taken to London town.
There he met a cruel death for treason against the crown.
Before he died he uttered, 'Freedom" and gave up his soul bravely
So Scotland's future generations might one day be free.

Helen Allan


Oh noble Bannockburn of great renown and fame,
long may we cherish your most glorious name.
On that summer's dav in thirteen fourteen
was fought that decisive battle, a memory evergreen.
Bruce led his men with courage and true tenacity
against Edward's army so full of pride and complacency.
How the Scots prevailed against such might and power
was truly inspirmg hour after hour.
Finally when the end drew nigh,
the Scots all raised a victorious cry.
No longer would they England's vassals be
as now they had gained their liberty.
Thus everyone throughout the land
celebrated Edward's defeat at "The Bruces" hand.
Then let all Scotsmen and women toast our great leader and King
and his deserved praises flow and forever sing.

Helen Allan


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