Robroyston 2012


The Robroyston Commemoration 2012 took place on Saturday the 4th of August this year and was very well attended by people of all ages. Around 30 patriots gathered at the monument as the sun came out to make sure we'd all enjoy the occasion to the max.

Society Convenor Duncan Fenton welcomed everyone to the proceedings and gave a brief explanation of Wallace's betrayal and capture a few yards from where we stood. First up to speak was Society Vice Convenor Gary Stewart who just gets better with every occasion he steps up to the microphone, well done Gary from us all, you managed to capture the mood of the day very well.

Next to speak was Neil Lochiel, he hadn't spoke at any of our events before but if he was nervous he certainly never showed it. Neil gave a fantastic speech about Wallace and the similarities to his time and present day Scotland, a very thought provoking and heartfelt speech indeed, well done Neil you did yourself proud.

Ellie, Duncan's granddaughter had the honour of laying some thistles in remembrance of David R. Ross who is always in our hearts and minds, Ellie did a fantastic job, couldn't help but think of the thistle scene in Braveheart, well done Ellie.

Neil's wife, Frances had the honour of laying the society wreath and a fine job of it she did as well despite her arm being strapped up. Well done Francis.

Duncan led us on a marvelous rendition of Scot's Wha Hae which had the crowd all enthusiastically singing along (eventually) which reminded us to print out all the words so everyone can belt it out next year. As you may know there is a memorial stone to David R. Ross at Robroyston, if you ever visit the monument spare a wee moment and say hello to him.

We finished the day at Auchinairn Tavern where myself and Duncan were interviewed as part of a young American lad's degree. Cody and his lovely girlfriend Allison were lovely company and if we helped in any way with your degree we were only too happy to help.

Before we finish this report we'd like to thank everyone for coming along, it's you guys paying your respects that make the day what it is. Thanks guys.

Francis Lays the wreath
Ellie doing a grand job
Gary delivers a cracking speech about our debt to William Wallace
Lots of youngsters were there, wonderful to see our future patriots
Some of the crowd listening intently
Nice turnout, the weather helped
Neil Lochiel on speaking duty for the first time for us, did a wonderful job Neil
Great to see some old friends in the crowd
Young Glen who had written a speech for Duncan to read, wonderfully written Glen, well done indeed
William on photography duty
Abbey being super patriotic, well done lassie
Duncan reading Glen's speech
Young Glen, almost smiling
Young Paul, love the t-shirt buddy
Great to see these lads today
Duncan, our Convener
Some friends old & new
My good self
Always in our thoughts
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