SOWW Fundraiser 2012


On Saturday 10th March The Society held a fundraiser in the King Robert Hotel in Bannockburn.  A party of our American friends, here on a tour with Celtic Force, also attended.

Our Convenor, Duncan, opened proceedings by welcoming everyone, including our friends from overseas, to our beautiful country.  He outlined the reasons for this event, to raise money to continue the work of the Society, including funding two proposed statues & preparations for the Bannockburn 700th anniversary in 2014, begun by our late Convenor & friend, David R. Ross. 

Duncan then called upon Donovan Murray, of Celtic Force, to say a few words. Donovan spoke about how their groups have visited a few times before & were made to feel like family, not visitors. 

Duncan then introduced the ever popular Ted Christopher, to begin the evening’s entertainment. 

After Ted’s first set, the buffet was opened.  Many thanks to Jan for providing this. 

After the hungry troops had been fed, Duncan announced that due to an injury to Charlie Allan, Saor Patrol would be unable to play. He wished Charlie a speedy recovery. The other members of the Clanranald Trust continued to contribute to our evening as they awaited Charlie’s return from hospital, which was late at night.

He then introduced member Christine McLeod, our weaver friend, who showed a piece of the plaid she wove for David for his Walk for Wallace to London in 2005.

She then read a poem written by Edwin Morgan for the 2005 anniversary, called “Lines for Wallace” 

Duncan spoke about the Society’s success in securing the return of the Wallace Safe Conduct letter to Scotland & showed the audience a framed Hi-Res copy of the letter, one of only two, one having been presented to the Society, the other to Culture Secretary, Fiona Hyslop.  He then asked Donovan to come up to the stage, for a presentation by member Tom Chalmers.  Tom makes ornamental walking sticks & presented Donovan with a specially made stick. 

Our treasure George then conducted an auction of two special items which were donated to the Society.  The first was another of Tom’s sticks, depicting “Oor Wullie”.  This already had a reserve price of £150 from an internet buyer.  As it failed to make the reserve on the night, it will go to the original bidder. 

Next item was a full-size plaid in the Clanranald Trust tartan, donated by Barry Donnan.  It went to our American friend, Beth, for £198. Members of Clanranald Trust then showed her how to pleat the plaid & put it on as she stretched out on the floor. A good sport, she looked great in it & kept it on for the rest of the evening. 

The raffle was then held, with many prizes being donated. Thanks all who helped, especially Lorraine, who got roped into helping out with giving out the prizes. 

Following the raffle, a member of the audience, Gerald Thorpe, came up to the stage & presented the Society with a shield he had made, bearing the Wallace coat of arms. Duncan accepted this on behalf of the Society & thanked Gerald for this fantastic piece of work. 

In the absence of Saor Patrol, our good friend Ted agreed to do a second set, the old trouper that he is, & played for the rest of the evening to an appreciative audience. 

This rounded off a great night, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks to all who contributed or attended, especially everyone concerned with the Clanranald Trust and Celtic Force, we raised a surprising amount which paid for the event itself and left some funds which will go to some great Wallace related projects that are ongoing and in the pipe line, thank you.

Donovan says a few words on behalf of Celtic Force
Ziggy's lovely assistants Christine & Lesley
Gerald presents Duncan with his terrific Wallace Shield, awesome work
George showing Ted how it's done
Ziggy intoducing himself to Bonnie
Beth, our lovely plaid winner
Donovan & Duncan with the Wallace Letter
Auld Lang Syne

For higher resolution copies and lots more of these photos CLICK HERE and HERE

We'd like to thank the Clanranald Trust, Celtic Force and everyone for their continued support

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