Stirling Brig 2013


The annual commemoration of the Battle of Stirling Bridge was once again a huge success, this event grows in stature every year and it's great to see new faces in the crowd. The Battle of Stirling Bridge was one of the most important events in Scottish history and the fact that the site is only currently marked by a plaque and a tree is a huge disservice to both William Wallace & Andrew de Moray and all of the men who died there in 1297.

Their memory has been upheld for many years by The Society of William Wallace and others but recent years have seen the event grow in stature and incorporate a march down from the castle led by a pipe band. Never quite got used to taking pics in low light but every day is a learning day as far as photography is concerned. So apologies for the lack of quality but hopefully the commitment more than makes up for it. Speaking of commitment, oor Ted as we like to call him is primarily responsible for keeping this commemoration alive, a magnificent effort not lost on us here at Society Towers.

Ted managed to give us a line up of four bands, Gaberlunzie, Amber Road, Fiery Jack and of course Ted better than Elvis himself. The point is for £12:50 you'd be lucky to get one of these bands appearing at the event... but they do it for Scotland, that's where we need your support, without guys like these we wouldn't have these events. Speaking from our point of view, we spent £2000 on Wallace Day before anyone bought a drink, paid a ticket or bought a T-Shirt, at £10 a ticket we need 200 people to come through the door to just break even!!

To those of you who were there last night and at Wallace Day, thank you for your support, for those of you weren't I hope we can see you soon cause without your support these events will disappear, that's a fact. So please support us, times are hard, I even heard folk moaning about the fact that there was no grub last night? Seriously? Four Bands for £12:50, I rest my case, Ted put on a fantastic event once again and thank you so much for your continued support!

Coming over the brig
Duncan leading the march
The Society Banner
Listening intently
Ted welcomes everyone
Banner tells you why we do what we do
Our wreath bearers Amber & Petra
Laying the wreath
Ted Christopher who keeps this event going from strength to strength
Smiles all round
Good to see the Tartan Army attending
Young patriots
Proud flag bearers Stephanie & Tam
Great attendance once again
Rob Gibson MSP
Great to see so many friends of the Society attending
Neil Lochiel gives us a braw speech
Lesley Mathews talking about Braveheart and how it wakened a lot of folk up
Moment of reflection

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