A small gathering was held at Cambuskenneth Abbey at 7pm on the evening of 23rd August this year, to lay a single white rose tribute to the alleged resting place of part of Wallace's body.

Wallace's Burial Place?.
Entering the Abbey
Piping the lament
Piping the lament
The single roses laid as the saltire
George's speech
Society banner
Society banner
Well done everyone who spoke at the commemoration last night and to all who attended. That so many of you came confirms to me we need to build on this. I personally suffer a lot of nerves being involved with such things, less than I used to but that won't stop me being involved, these things have to be done.
The format is pretty informal, no prearranged speakers as such, so those who attend are asked if they would like to say a few words. Thankfully, or it would have been a very short service, four people took up the offer, three of who I personally had not heard speak before. Massively impressed and grateful they did.
There was some press interest, so hopefully today you should see some coverage in the papers.
Thanks again everyone and see you all next year.
What about the amazing weather?
Thanks to my dear friend Sitv Tam for the photos.
Also Andrew Hillhouse for the amazing "sketch", as he put it. Says much more than any words could.

George Kempik
Thanks to Tam and Stephanie Reilly for the photos


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